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A voyage of the human into space, where he experiences a range of emotions during the journey. He admires the view of Earth after take-off (Behind the Glass), he is being seized by despair (1000 Years), he dreams of home, and he is glad to come back. 1000 Years is a kind of metaphor, that represents expectation, patience and difficulties on a way to the goal, which seem, at times, to be endless. Tracklist: 01.Взлёт (Take-Off) (2:02) 02.За стеклом (Behind the Glass) (2:49)...
Topics: Atmospheric, Dream, Flight, Melancholic, Modern Classical, Piano, Post-Rock, Sequences, Space,...
United Studios Corporation • USC
by Eugene Naumenko
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Reversion is a rethinking. It is memories, that each of us has experienced for sure. Sit back, close your eyes and go back to the past living with us to this music. 01.Помни (Remember) (2:06) 02.Реверсия (Reversion) (4:16) 03.Однажды (Once) (3:28) 04.Паранойя (Paranoia) (2:38) 05.Домашние огни (Home Lights) (3:12) 06.Живой мир (Live World) (3:48) 07.Между нами (Between Us) (5:58) 08.Париж без тебя (Paris Without You) (2:35)...
Topics: Atmospheric, Dream, Melancholic, Modern Classical, Piano